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Velocity Collection

Velocity CollectionVelocity Collection - Haven  


The Velocity Collection of laptop shoulder bags, packs and sleeves are the cure to the ubiquitous black laptop bag. Distinguished by smooth, clean lines and thoughtfully designed interiors, Velocity is the culmination of years of consumer feedback and design work to develop the perfect laptop bag. Devices are slimmer and more streamlined, making them more susceptible to damage. Multiple cables, chargers, accessories, and daily commuting items need to be organised. Enter Velocity – unique and thoughtful bags and sleeves with a sleek silhouettes and clean lines. Your Velocity bag will protect and organise your digital gear while making your commute a bit more comfortable and worry free along the way.

Velocity Collection - radial, blazer, prime, swift


The Haven Laptop Backpack is the perfect companion for your everyday commute, with generous storage space and superior technology protection. Integrated cable routing allows for easy phone and tablet charging without cluttering the inside of your bag.

Velocity Collection - haven


A messenger bag for the digital age, the Radial is designed to carry and protect your laptop, tablet, and essentials of your digital day. The integrated cable routing accommodates easy device charging on the fly.

Velocity Collection - radial


Prime is your favourite everyday digital pack: a small lightweight silhouette with maximum space and organisation.

Velocity Collection - prime


A slim and stylish vertical carrying solution for your laptop, tablet, phone, and other daily accessories: maximum features in a minimalist bag.

Velocity Collection - linear


A sleek and fully-featured laptop brief designed to protect your digital essentials in a compact silhouette.

 Velocity Collection - swift


The blazer protects your laptop, easily drops into another bag, and carries some essentials like a phone or a charging cord: everything a good laptop sleeve should do.

Velocity Collection - blazer


slingtech protection

STM’s dual protection system is designed to safely transport your laptop and/or tablet. A padded sling suspends your devices from the floor of the bag, and the bottom corners are wrapped within additional padding for the ultimate in digital gear protection.

  Velocity Collection - slingtech protection  

cablereadyTM  organisation

STM’s proprietary cable routing system utilises purpose-built pockets, ports between sections, and integrated cable management to store, access, and charge your devices while keeping the inside of your bag organised.


Velocity Collection - cableready organisation  

air channel comfort

STM’s cushioned back panel design features 3D foam cores with soft mesh and a central air channel to provide extra ventilation and comfort where you need it most. 

  Velocity Collection - air channel comfort  

lifetime warranty

STM offers a product lifetime warranty for our bags. We believe our products should last, often far longer than the devices that are carried/protected. It does little good if a product falls apart after a short period of use. We take great care in selecting the materials we use for our bags. Keeping our products out of a landfill for as long as possible drives our design process and can be our ultimate environmental contribution.

Velocity Collection