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Annex Collection

STM 2016 Annex Collection

Annex Collection - drifter


Annex is a collection of travel oriented laptop bags and sleeves with a retro look and an interior brimming with high tech protection and organisation. We created Annex because it’s more than just a bag you carry, it’s an extension of your personality and your sense of style. Annex is an essential part of the journey no matter what the distance. Distinguished by a classic, urban look and a unique colour pallet, the Annex Collection provides STM’s hallmark benefits of protection, organisation, and carrying comfort. The perfect traveller’s bag for a commute of any length, Annex is designed to make your digital life a little easier and hassle free. 

Annex Collection - trestle, bowery, arc


A retro styled backpack with modern amenities. Easy to wear, has pockets in all the right places, and is comfortable to boot. There’s room for a laptop, tablet, documents, gym gear, and don’t forget your lunch.

Annex Collection - drifter 15" laptop backpack


Rely on the Trust Laptop Shoulder Bag to handle your daily commute with ease. A dedicated laptop section makes airport security a breeze, and there’s enough internal volume for a weekend get-away. 

Annex Collection - trust laptop shoulder bag


Don’t be fooled by the small silhouette; the Trestle Laptop Backpack can organise all your digital gear while remaining lightweight and compact.

Annex Collection - trestle 13" laptop backpack


A laptop brief with STM’s highly protective, integrated tech-cell to carry both your laptop and tablet, along with the other essentials of your digital day. 

Annex Collection - bowery laptop brief



It’s the lightweight solution for a digital day that doesn’t require a laptop. Designed to carry most 10” tablets along with room for chargers, your wallet, keys, some paperwork, and portable power supply.

Annex Collection - link for iPad shoulder bag


A simple and slim padded sleeve designed to protect your laptop. Room for cables and paperwork makes the Arc a low-profile carry option. A removable shoulder strap makes storing the Arc in another bag easy as pie.

Annex Collection - arc laptop sleeve


Tech-Cell Protection

STM’s padded and suspended sleeve is integrated into the bag’s backbone, allowing for both protection and organisation of your devices. Extra pockets provide storage for your hard drives and portable power supplies, while elastic straps provide easy cable management. 

Annex Collection - tech-cell protection

Air Channel Comfort

STM’s cushioned back panel design features 3D foam cores with soft mesh and a central air channel to provide extra ventilation and comfort where you need it most.

Annex Collection - air channel comfort

 Luggage Pass-Through

An integrated luggage pass-through secures the bag to your wheeled luggage and keeps the weight off your back for relief during those long days of travel 

Annex Collection - luggage pass-through 

 Lifetime Warranty

STM offers a product lifetime warranty for our bags. We believe our products should last, often far longer than the devices that are carried/protected. It does little good if a product falls apart after a short period of use. We take great care in selecting the materials we use for our bags. Keeping our products out of a landfill for as long as possible drives our design process and can be our ultimate environmental contribution.

STM 2016 Annex Collection