SummaryLaptop Sleeve

SKU: stm-114-168M


Take the best elements of our bags—a padded interior that protects from knocks and bumps, surrounded by a water resistant exterior—and fashion them into a piece only for your laptop. We call it stylish protection. You’ll call it just what you needed.

SKU: stm-114-168M

WARNING: California Prop 65 FAQs

Summary sleeve

the smarter sleeve

Slim and Light with an Ultra-Wide Opening for Easy Access to Your Laptop

Reverse Coil Zippers Banner

Zippers: Reverse Thinking Was a Technological Leap Forward

To ‘show one’s teeth’ is a demonstration of strength or power. But in the case of our reverse coil zippers, not showing the teeth is what makes this closure so tough. We position the slider on the flatter side and feature a fabric covering over the teeth to help keep out dirt and moisture.

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made with fabrics that enable you to weather any conditions

Crafted from water-repellent DWR C6 plus two additional coatings of polyurethane (followed by the inner lining that’s treated with yet another coating of PU!) to protect your gear from those surprises Mother Nature throws your way.

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Additional Features

  • Durable zipper pull for long service life
  • Slim and light protective design
  • Asymmetrical zippered design provides easy access to laptop
  • Constructed from lightweight, water resistant fabric

Product Specifications

16 laptop image

fits up to 16”

  • main material(s): 100% polyester
  • outer dimensions: H 10.6 x W 15 x D 0.8 in / H 27 x W 38 x D 2 cm
  • weight: 0.35 lbs / 0.16 kg
size 13 image

fits up to 13”

  • main material(s): 100% polyester
  • outer dimensions: H 10.4 x W 13.8 x D 0.8 in / H 26.5 x W 35.5 x D 2 cm
  • weight: 0.61 lbs / 0.28 kg