duxiPad 9.7″ 5th/6th Gen Case (Education Only)

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Designed with input from educators and IT professionals, Dux was created to ensure it could withstand the unique rigours of the everyday environment–be it in the classroom, at work, or anywhere else an iPad might go. Dux features a patented magnetic closure that allows for easy folding into typing or viewing modes, a transparent back panel that accommodates barcode scanning or your own personalization, as well as a durable and water resistant polyurethane cover to ward off occasional drips or spills. In addition, reinforced corners safeguard the iPad from inadvertent drops—protection that’s been verified, having exceeded U.S. Department of Defense Standard drop tests. Deliver best–in–class protection for your iPad with Dux.

iPad 9.7″ 5th/6th Gen Case

SKU: STM-222-155JW

WARNING: California Prop 65 FAQs

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Some Aussie terms have made their way into everyday language the world over (Good onya, mate), and there are some that haven't quite yet, but we feel should. Like the word "dux." Down Under, it refers to the highest performing student, the one who's best in class. A fitting name, we think, for our line of protective cases that offer the best–in–class solution for laptops and tablets

Dux Line Drawing – Features
  • Mil–Spec tested – exceeds U.S. Department of Defense drop test standards
  • Super protective – polycarbonate and rubberised TPU bracket for even the most accident prone among us
  • Clear back – customise your device with personal images, scan a tagging barcode, or simply let your device shine through
  • Water resistant – durable polyurethane cover wards off the occasional drip or spill
  • Patented magnetic closure – easily folds into the perfect typing or viewing position
  • Instant on/off cover – wakes up/turns off the device, saving battery life
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Dux Features
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Mil–Spec Drop Tested

At STM, we believe that good enough isn't good enough. So, we make it a point to go above and beyond—even in the way we test our products. Military standards for drop testing require that a product like Dux be able to maintain all operating functions after plummeting 26 times from a height of 4 feet. Needless to say, we subjected Dux to our own extreme testing at 6.6 feet. It passed. And that calls for the best drop of all…a mic drop.

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