Able CableUSB-C to USB-C (1.5m)

SKU: stm-931-209Z


The more convenient and durable charging and connection cable. STM cables connect your devices to a PC, laptop, powerbank, car or wall charger.

SKU: stm-931-209Z

WARNING: California Prop 65 FAQs

Able Cable


Stronger, more durable than standard cables

Two View Banner

No matter how you look at it, identifying our cables is easy

Ever reach into your bag and pull out a tangle of cables and you’re not sure what type of connection lies at the other end of the connector you can see? Our proprietary TwoView™ icons make it easy to ascertain what lies at the other end, with ID symbols that give quick, at-a-glance cable identification.

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stay connected, stay stress-free, StayFlexy™

With a typical cable, the point of contact (with a device) is also the point of stress. Being firm and rigid, cable connectors have a tendency to wear and break over time. But our revolutionary, trademarked strain relief sleeve is bendable, helping to reduce stress and prolong cable life.

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The only thing worse than recharging is not having time to do so

Unless you’re always thinking ahead or have plenty of extra time on your hands, chances are you’re going to need to juice up a dying device in as short a time as possible. Our ChargePlus feature reduces the time needed for powering up, ensuring your digital gear (or PowerBank) is always good to go.

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  • Adjustable cable tie included
  • USB 3.2 Gen 1 supports fast charging to 2.4A for enable devices
  • Data transfer speed – 5gbps
  • Power output- 2.4A
  • weight: 0.11 lbs / 0.052 kg