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grace deluxe laptop sleeve

Product Review (submitted on July 2, 2016):
I purchased this beautiful bag from an online retailer. When it arrived I was SO excited to see that it was well-made and incredibly cute. However, it had ONE fatal flaw (for me, anyway). The handle is too short to comfortably throw over your shoulder to carry it. I really wanted to keep this bag but the handle makes it impossible for me to keep. I do not want to carry my computer around everywhere holding it with my hand or over my arm. Computers are too heavy (even though mine is really light) for that. Please, STM, make this bag with a little longer handle or better yet, put one long handle on it that has a buckle so it can be shortened. Then users can adjust it as they like and carry their items either on their shoulder or arm. My shoe repair man said he could put one of those on the bag but it would cost me another $60 so I opted to send the bag back. Maybe I'll buy it when it's on sale and take it to have the handles changed.