dux MacBook Pro Retina

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dux MacBook Pro Retina SKU: stm-122-094p
$59.95 USD
SKU: stm-122-094p

The dux for MacBook Pro Retina provides best-in-class protection for your laptop with reinforced corners and translucent design to brave the challenges of everyday life.

$59.95 USD
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Product Features

  • Fits all models prior to 2016 (does not fit the newest MacBook pro)
  • Super protective polycarbonate and rubberised TPU bracket for even the most accident prone among us
  • Transparent cover to customise your MacBook Air or allow your pristine device to shine through
  • Access to all ports
  • Ergonomic and form fitting design for a comfortable carry
  • Textured rubber feet prevent your laptop from sliding on smooth surfaces
  • Open hinge allows your MacBook to breathe and cool itself freely
  • Simple installation with locking clip-on design
  • Installation/Removal Instructions
dux for macbook air and pro



MacBook Pro Retina 13"
  • main material(s): TPU & Polycarbonate
  • device dimensions: H 22.4 x W 31.8 x D 1.8 cm / H 8.8 x W 12.5 x D 0.7 in
  • capacity: fits 13" MacBook Pro Retina
  • weight: 0.77 lbs / 0.35 kg

MacBook Pro Retina 15"

  • main material(s): TPU & Polycarbonate
  • device dimensions: H 24.7 x W 35.9 x D 1.8 cm / H 9.7 x W 14.3 x D 0.7 in
  • capacity: fits 15" MacBook Pro Retina
  • weight: 0.81 lbs / 0.37 kg

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Best Value for the Price

Let's start with quality. I have tried several other brand and while they range from okay to good, they all suffered from one problem; bulk! This case is a great balance between bulk and style. I have a D-Brand skin on my MacBook and didn't want to take it off. This allows me to keep it on and provides additional protection. Second, is price. The price falls right in the mid range of the product category. And value. The value add is that if you want to use photos, skins or labels; then this case gives you that value add.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value
By Bryan Hobbs Posted on 5/19/2017
be savvy

the case seems fine, it shipped very quickly and was well packaged. I'm sure it fits the computer well and protects just fine however make sure you're aware when purchasing there is a difference between Macbook Pro Retina and the normal Macbook Pro. It will be too small for a regular Macbook Pro, the Retina is sleeker and smaller. otherwise i can't complain about the case at this point in time

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value
By remy Posted on 5/5/2017
Good case if you don't remove it.

I have a Macbook Pro Retina 15" and have experience with the Dux case, as well as the Grip case. They protect well from drops, and keep liquids away from your laptop.

However, you may run into problems when trying to remove your case as the tabs are somewhat difficult to remove and can easily break off.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value
By Michael Posted on 11/22/2016
Great case at new price

Best case on the market at the $30 price tag. I payed $60 for mine, but have been extremely happy with it. Wish I would have seen the lower price though.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value
By Jonathan Posted on 11/11/2016
Decent Case, does the job but nothing special for the price.

Brought this case in hopes i would have a quality protection case for my Macbook but once out of the box i discovered it to be average and over priced. It is simple, easy to apply and does the job ( i think, I'm yet to actually test how well it works in the event of a bump or drop ) I think if your looking for a easy, non intrusive case to protect your Macbook Pro then this is ideal but its far from perfect in design and price.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value
By James Posted on 4/20/2016
Not what I had hoped for

The case is easy to apply to your laptop. However once it is applied, you are not able to open your laptop the whole way without it popping the case loose.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Value
By Jennifer Posted on 3/17/2016

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