dux plus iPad Pro case

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dux plus iPad Pro case SKU: stm-222-129JX
$59.95 - $69.95 USD
SKU: stm-222-129JX

The dux plus provides best-in-class protection for your iPad Pro 12.9 inch or 9.7 inch device.  Along with integrated Apple Pencil Storage the dux plus features a patented magnetic closure, reinforced corners and transparent back panel to protect your iPad from inadvertent drops. Tested to exceed U.S. Department of Defense Standard 810F/G durability tests. Designed with input from educators and IT professionals, we made sure the dux plus can withstand the unique rigours of the classroom, work or everyday environment.

Please note that in the 12.9 size, this case only fits the original, first generation iPad Pro 12.9, released in 2015. For the latest iPad Pro, released in 2017, please click here

$59.95 - $69.95 USD
Product Features

Product Features

  • Super protective polycarbonate and rubberised bracket
  • Clear back to customise your device, scan a barcode tag or allow your pristine device to shine through
  • Durable and water resistant polyurethane cover to ward off occasional drips or spills
  • Patented magnetic closure allows for easy folding for typing or viewing
  • Instant on/off cover wakes and turns the device off to save battery life
  • Pencil storage
dux plus iPad pro case




12.9" dux plus iPad Pro Case
  • main material(s):PC / TPU / PU
  • outer dimensions: H 32 x W 24.5 x D 1.5 cm / H 12.6 x W 9.6 x D 0.6 in
  • device size: H 30.5 x W 22 x D 0.7cm / H 12 x W 8.7 x D 0.13in
  • weight: 0.57 kg / 1.26 lbs
9.7" dux plus iPad Pro Case
  • main material(s): PC / TPU / PU
  • outer dimensions: H 25.1 x W 19.1 x D 1.7 cm / H 9.8 x W 75 x D 0.66 in
  • device size: H 24 x W 17 x D 6.1cm / H 9.4 x W 6.6 x D 0.24
  • weight: 0.3326 kg / .73 lbs
Reviews (9)

Reviews (9)

9 Item(s)

Great, functional product with a dark secret.

I would be perfectly happy with this case if not for a very annoying problem.
The iPad put into the case, bends unnoticeably, causing the screen to register ghost clicks, sometimes rendering the touch functionally completely useless. The only way to work around it is to use the pen, but that shouldn't really be the case (no pun intended). Took me a long time and lots of research to figure it out. If STM manages to sort this out, it's pretty much a perfect case with the pen slot and all.

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By Kuba Posted on 5/27/2017
Nice case with caveats

Ive' had this case since 8/2016.

At the time of ordering it was the best on the market.

When i first got it i thought the flap closing system would always bother me, but i grown accustom to it and now i don't really thing about it except for when i am trying to make sure it closes properly. Which if you just try to fling it closed...its not gonna work, this does require a more deliberate closing and seating of the mechanism (flap).

Lean profile with maximum protection.
Apple Pencil storage area is very secure and snug.
Clear back it cool
Great Overall* protection


Apple Pencil storage area does not have a separate compartment to store the cap when removed.

Stand is not very stable, with very limited viewing options (stand up, or lay it down). And the Up position is very vertical, i always find myself putting an eraser underneath the from for a more natural viewing angle.

The stand mechanism is not quite perfected and requires some jiggering for a proper fit, which gets annoying.

The cover does not provide 100% coverage. Mine is leaving about 1/16" of the glass exposed at the closing flap(right side) and about 1/32nd gap at top and bottom, so these are dust entry points. And note i do have a glass screen protector on.

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By DT Posted on 3/27/2017
BEST i-pad case ever

This is the best case I have ever had. Streamline and works! I highly recommend purchasing this case for an i-pad.

Nicole Jaeger

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By Nicole Posted on 3/20/2017
High hopes

I had high hopes for this case. I'd had this model case on my iPad Air and loved it. Last March I upgraded to the iPad Pro 9.7". Not only did I have to wait several, several months for the product to come out. But I am very disappointed with the magnetic closure. On the iPad Air case the magnet is 1 3/8" wide by 3 7/8" long. But on the pro 9.7 case the magnet is only 1" wide although it is 4 1/2" long. I don't know if it is the size of the magnet or the strength of the magnet but, it doesn't work nearly as well as onlder models. It's not strong enough to hold it up. I find it frequently falls over, where I did not have that problem with my other case. And, in order to accommodate the pen holder, the lid that doubles as the stand, is flimsy and not quite as stable.
So, STM Bags, now known as STM goods, I would recommend a reengineer of this product. As it is not up the quality and performance of the previous models. Also, maybe consider a case that doesn't include the pencil holder? Thanks.

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By KristinB Posted on 1/5/2017
Well made but the real world functionality is lacking

This is a nice case for my iPad pro but the buttons for volume and power are extremely hard to press. The stand feature works but if you try to move at all it collapses. Very frustrating.

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By Tim M Posted on 1/4/2017
Good case

I got a mark on the black front is there a way to fix it. Also good cases

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By Kakashi Posted on 10/13/2016
Everything I wanted in a case for my iPad Pro 9.7

I tried two other cases with pencil holders but the third time was the charm as this was the first one that met what I consider simple requirements.

1. It's easy to remove the pencil from the holder, and to replace it, and the pencil doesn't fall out.
2. Thanks to the magnetic tab the two positions, keyboard and viewing, are stable.
3. The case protects the iPad without being overly heavy.

As a bonus, the case is attractive. I do miss having the pencil cozy to hold the cap in place, but I just store it in the pencil holder.

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By Janice Posted on 9/21/2016
Best Case on the Market

I have this case on my iPad mini and just ordered one for my iPad - 4. (Wish I would have bought it sooner as I just spent $99 on replacing the glass, it would have paid for itself almost twice!) These cases are so much sturdier and protective than what Apple has out there and at about the same price. Otter boxes may be a little more protective, but are twice the price and incredibly clunky and ugly. The STM gives me the protection I want at a price I can afford.

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By Lynn Bauch Posted on 9/8/2016
Another excellent product from STM

After purchasing the Dux case for my iPad Mini 3, which I found to be excellent, I was a little disappointed to find that there wasn't an equivalent case for the large iPad Pro. To STM's credit though they came through and added the Dux Plus case to their range for both the 12.9 inch and 9.7 inch iPad Pros.
I purchased the 9.7 inch for myself but will get a 12.9 inch version for my partner when that size becomes available.
The quality produced is as usual to a very high standard that one would expect from STM. The overall fit of the case is very tight with just a slight looseness at the home key end although it still holds the iPad firmly. This slight looseness in fact would help those with hand problems if they ever need to remove the case.
The magnetic closing system works very well and i haven't ever had the cover come open unintentionally. When the case is open and the cover is folded back underneath the iPad to set it up at an angle for reading etc. it sits in place nicely and at a great viewing angle.
Finally it has a place for your Apple Pen which sits unobtrusively in its holder until required.
I cant praise this case enough. Everything is well thought out and built to a high quality and built to last.
That is why I have given the Duc plus case for iPad Pro the 5 star seal of approval.
Thanks STM for another great product!

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By Allan Posted on 6/17/2016

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