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First stop: The Entertainment Capital of the World!

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas…but we just can’t. We gotta share the news. Spread the word. Talk about it.

The STM team just got back from a week in Las Vegas, where we shared a booth with our sister company, Element Case, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world’s preeminent exhibition of new products and technologies. It was a chance to showcase our newest bags, briefs, sleeves, and cases. An occasion to mingle with customers, fans, and industry professionals. But most of all, an opportunity to introduce an exciting new way for people to interact with our products: Augmented Reality (AR).

Taking in hordes of curiosity-seekers eager to check out what we were doing with AR, our booth was the busiest one in the surrounding area at almost any given hour throughout the four-day run of the show. CES is essentially ground zero for everything tech, yet we were the first (and only) brand in our industry to use this groundbreaking technology that creates an interactive “experience” for people to explore the features and benefits of our products.

By downloading a specially-created app available from iTunes and Google Play, visitors to our booth could “see” and learn about various products in our Streets and Stories lines, and even “take a peek” at how a backpack looks on a friend. We’ll be rolling out AR technology to our retailers in the coming months, bringing this same unique shopping experience in-store.

As a company that's built a reputation on being an innovator in our field, we’re excited that AR is helping us make our mark as a pioneer in marketing and promotion, too.

Leave it to a company that specializes in bags to think a little bit out of the box.