If there is any sort of mantra at STM, it’s to do things better. Do things different. Do things smarter.

We’ve proven that countless times over with our inventive backpacks and ingenious cases that have proven it’s possible to seamlessly blend function with fashion. Suitably inspired, we figured there had to be a better way to illustrate and disseminate the protection and performance features of our products than the tired old demonstration videos that are the go-to of virtually every brand in every business sector, everywhere.

Prime example: the product drop test. In an effort to showcase how our Dux cases stand up to the U.S. Military Standard of 26 drops from a height of 4 feet, we typically had one of our team members stand on a ladder and drop the case in front of some stark, blank wall. No music. No costumes. No imagination. Just a guy dropping a case, repeatedly, for several minutes. Very clinical. Very boring.

So, we opted to turn the drop test video on its head and took a lighter direction with it. Put one our staffers in a tux. Threw in some tunes. Engaged in some snappy dialogue. And created a demo of our best-in-class protective case for tablets that’s enjoyable to watch…while also being informative.

btw, speaking of enjoyment, who doesn't like a good party?

It’s an alternative approach to communicating with customers that we believe is going to have quite an impact.